Rudely awoken by an Oyster

So another fitful sleep is had by all – the makeshift mosi net works in that it stays up. But Bernice still wakes up in the night thinking she is getting eaten and that it had fallen down – more heat induced dreams than anything.

Around 0715 we get a call from Richard needing us up on deck. We think the lines have come lose or some other such disaster is imminent but it transpires that an oyster 66 (“fuerte”, in case you know it Fi) is wanting to dock for fuel and they want us to budge up, they don’t think there’s room on the pontoon beside us for them. Not sure it´s as urgent as it sounded. So still sleepy Huw and I get up on deck, clamber onto the pontoon to help move Bananas back a couple of bollards to give them space. Now that would be easy except our lines have all tightened having been there a while now and with the surge pushing us off the pontoon it’s a bit tricky, then take into account we haven’t quite woken up yet… Greg and Peter come and assist too and everything ends sweet and dandy. Then good mornings are exchanged and introductions and coffee is brewed.

And relax. Next job, the Dr Who Greg promised. Then sufficiently woken up we get to work on some jobs on the boat as there seems to be no sign of money still so we can’t plan to leave just yet. Kindly the Oyster crew redeem themselves with supplying us with a goody bag of lovely cheeses to say thanks and apologise for the rude awakening.

Moving the boat back alerted us to the fact that both engines are now very problematic – port as it keeps cutting out and starboard as it doesn’t want to start.

Further investigation reveals the starboard battery is open and has gone dry, it just needs some distilled water and re-charging hopefully. The port engine it turns out has a blockage in the fuel filter connector pipe – a load of gunk, so some time later when both fuel filters (might as well check the other one while we´re at it) have been dismantled and cleaned and the battery charged we hope the engines are now fixed. Fingers crossed!!!

During this time Richard has also been trying to see where the funds have got to. He finally discovers they are showing on his account but not available yet, probably not till after lunch tomorrow zzzzzz

Oh well time for the pool we thinks. A few hours there we while away the afternoon – believe it or not, it is nearly cooler to sit BY the pool in the shade than be IN the pool!! When we get back onboard we have a wee hic-cup in that the forepeak starboard heads floods (front toilet on the right) as the stupidly designed shower hose didn’t go off when Huw used it to wash his hands. It is rudely brought to our attention by the most annoying alarm!! Lots of bailing time later we get the situation back under control. The only up side, if there can be an up side, is that it happened whilst we were on the boat.

Restoring some calm to the evening we retreat to the locals bar for a few beers then have tuna curry back on board.

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