Safely on dry land

As we waited for news and for the navimag to be allowed to dock, we watched the local news which concentrated on Chile and how the tsunami was affecting the country. This meant we saw very little of the devastation in Japan but what we did see was that one town was flooded by the wave late last night, another was evacuated and eventually that where we were, Puerto Montt, had not had it’s state of high alert lifted. Yippee. As the boat powered up to manouvre into dock we all migrated to the upper decks to take pictures and check out our new surroundings. The boat strangely docked stern to.

We decided with all our bags we were best to head directly to Puerto Varas, where we’d booked our next hostel, about 20km north. There was enough passengers off the boat going there too for us to fill a small bus. Spooky!!

Pete, Debster and a few others hadn’t actually booked a hostel but they found one ok. It’s pretty much out of season now. Which is good as it means the prices are coming down.

Pete got a room at our hostel and we could only have been there an hour or do when Anthony and Lauren arrived. They’d left us to go to a national park, but couldnt be sure of it being open or of bus connections so decided to skip it. Our hostel had no room for them but they found another just around the corner.

We met back up got lunch and made a plan to hire a car between the 5 of us to go to a nearby volcano tomorrow. It’s much cheaper to hire a car here, about £40 between 5 as opposed to £60 we paid between 3 in Argentina. Top news.

Pete offered to cook cottage pie for everyone. Nice one! That’s the evening sorted then 🙂

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