Searching the Clouds goes mobile

In a boring meeting? Waiting in a long line at the supermarket? Listening to a tedious speech at a conference?

Well we have the perfect solution – Searching the Clouds is now available in mobile format. This means that it should be easy to read on your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Andriod Smart Phone or other fancy device. For example here is what it looks like on an iPhone…


Hope this helps you to enjoy Searching the Clouds even more often, in even more places.

Any feedback please let us know.

PS the site has actually been mobile for a while now – it’s just that we have only just got round to telling you!!

2 thoughts on “Searching the Clouds goes mobile

  1. Hurray!!! Actually have read the last 20 posts or so on my iPod, but hurray anyways!

    Works a treat, by the way, and seems much faster than viewing on the full website (strangely!).

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