Sesame street

So 8am start and we move the boat into the lagoon. On route we stop off for fuel and then it’s mooring up at Cuthbert’s (Paul’s friends) and boat cleaning. This takes us way past lunch but good to get it done.

Adam and Will are leaving tomorrow morning early and we’re hoping to go the day after at the latest. Cuthbert’s a really nice guy and offers to give us some tips on places to see and things to do on the island which is great. When we’re finished we invite him to join us for lunch. He has 4 guard dogs, well 3 and an 18 month old alsatian he’s failling to train to be a guard dog, Bella – she’s lovely and reminds me of Tara.

After lunch, Cuthbert invites us into Seasame St – his bar in his house. It doesn’t rain in there!!! Yes it is raining here. Quite frequent downpours that were refreshing to begin with! But no comparison to all the snow you guys have in the UK….

Anyway, Seasame St and the house are pretty cool. Great decor topped off with a huge sound system :0)

We go across to the Marina after dinner and catch up with a few folks. It is the last night together so we make the most of it.

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