Small World

There was a bit of noise in the night, we realise in the morning it was new arrivals turning up at 5am! – 4 guys: Tom, Mark, Andy, and Rob (2 Dutch and 2 Brits, Andy is from Reading, well Caversham actually!!!)

We also finally get around to looking at the 2012 Olympic site, thanks for letting us know about the deadline Evans :-). We get as far as registering, the sight is a nightmare!!!

Sarah, (Luxemburg girl from the muddy bus) is arriving today, she forewarned us she was coming and we arranged a room with Roxanna for her. Well actually what was said was that she should turn up and there was likely to be a room, but if not Roxanna would find her a room in another hostel… All well and good but it is Good Friday. Hhmm.

What transpires is Roxanna thought Michael might be leaving today but he´s not really fit to travel and has missed three days of lessons due to being ill, so extends his stay by another week. This means when Sarah arrives there is no room for her. Roxanna phones around but without any success. Surprise! Surprise! She probably has space tomorrow, and in fact Sarah and Chris are happy to share a twin room which guarantees them a room tomorrow. In the meantime, what to do for Sarah, finally we ask if they can put a mattress in our room for her for one night, it´s a solution of sorts.

When we see Michael today we discover he went to the local hospital and was put on a drip and kept in overnight!!! Touch wood, we haven´t been affected by any of the dodgy culinary delights of Bolivia yet and won´t be anytime soon.

We take Sarah to the Mirador late afternoon to see the sunset but disappointingly the café isn´t open there, it being Good Friday we knew it was a risk. There is some evidence of an Easter parade. Isaac said there would be one, which would walk between twelve churches around the town. But it doesn´t look like it will be up to much.

Having had our left over parilla for lunch today, between Spanish lessons, we decide to go along to Pueblo Chico anyway for some food this evening – we would have been disappointed if we had come for the 12 courses, they sold out at lunchtime!

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