Sneaky fawkin´ lightening!

The result is everyone is real tired in the morning!!! The weather in the night meant we were only averaging about 3.5kn most of the time as we were bashing into the waves and what little wind there was all night.

This morning Richard and Huw put the genoa up and we shake out the reef in the main. Then engines off and wey hay we’re sailing. For about 40 minutes anyway before the wind gets so light that it’s no use to a paper bag. In Bernice’s watch and after trying a preventer (a line from the end of the boom/mainsail to the side of the boat to hold it to one side and stop it continually banging) and changing course to try and keep wind in the sails the engine reluctantly goes back on. Then shortly after she has to call on Richard to assist with bringing down the genoa as it’s just flogging and being no use.

Lunch of leftover chilli is fitted around everyone trying to catch up on their sleep and another go at hoisting a headsail again proves fruitless.

This is a very heavy boat and takes a lot of moving. Granted we have had light winds if at all and mostly on our nose for the majority of the trip so far, but we are beginning to wonder about the next leg (Manzanillo to Vancouver) as we plan to be way off shore to secure favourable winds. It’s not like we can motor a whole lot of that leg as the boat is really diesel thirsty and we can’t carry those quantities. The charts suggest that a dog leg (5-700 miles off shore towards Hawaii) is the way to go to pick up favourable winds from behind or side to push us along. This seems like luxury and so far from what we’ve been having, a little unbelievable. The trip was estimated at a month/ 4 weeks, it’ll have been 4 weeks since joining the boat before we even leave Manzanillo, and the leg north is about the same distance again if not more. So realistically are we looking at 2 months at sea?!!! We know there’s another hurricane forming and moving northwards from Golfo de Tehuantepec that we will be watching closely and this will dictate when it’s safe to do the run north. We might have to stay in Manzanillo for around a week. But then we have repairs to get done to the mainsail which may take at least that long and re-provisioning to be done too. HHmmm…

Night watches are ok this evening with the weather being better behaved in as much as there’s no lightening or squalls. It still doesn’t want to play ball and come from the direction forecast and it can’t make it’s mind up whether to be <3kns or as much as 15kns. Richard has to be woken up for his watch and is pretty grumpy as a result. Probably annoyed with himself that it's happened again, but please don't take it out on your crew (Bernice)!

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