Spinnaker Day

Discussion in the cockpit between Adam, Will and Huw this morning is centred on whether today is the day to try out Paul’s spinnaker (very big parachute like sail that flies out the front of the boat when going down wind – usually brightly coloured). Paul has never used it in the seven years he has had New Dawn due to the complications involved and the fact that he is normally sailing short handed (not many crew)
Being such a big powerful and expensive thing, flying the spinnaker is potentially the 2nd most dangerous/stressful thing on a yacht after gas. To be deployed successfully it needs an experienced crew with everyone involved knowing whats happening and in what order and by whom. With a clear person in charge of the operation. Needless to say that rather than taking our time and waiting until after lunch the lure of more speed toward pina coladas in St Lucia was too much and the boys got cracked on – with crew tension being the obvious result 🙁
It it supposed to look like that?? 
Well we managed to muddle our way through and had a couple of hours of successful spinnaker sailing – long enough for us all to realise that it is lots of hard work for not a huge amount of gain (for instance manual steering rather than auto pilot) – it maybe the last time we see it on this trip. By the time it came to take the spinnaker down, the issues from the morning had been addressed and after a much more coordinated and controlled take down, morale is returned to New Dawn!!
We’re mother again today Will put in a request for lasagne for dinner – our only problem being the lack of pasta sheets. Never mind, rising to the invention challenge we put together a chilli pasta bake, including cheese sauce topping, with garlic bread. Due to the aforementioned tension earlier in the day we hadn’t got round to sorting pudding, but we managed to come through with petit fours (a la fun size) to go with after dinner coffee 🙂

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