Sunday Lunch – Wasi Masi style

Huw is feeling much much better today so Bernice gives him a desperately needed haircut – nothing too drastic though, just a trim 🙂

We then set about getting some other jobs done – signing the guest book at Condor Trekking, getting a CD burnt of the remaining photos of yesterday for Philly and booking a bus for La Paz. Yes, after 3 weeks we have finally decided it’s time to leave Sucre ~ but not until tomorrow!!

With all that sorted we set off for the Plaza to hand out the photos to the children. There are only a couple of them about, so Bernice gives each of them their photos and the rest of the photos she gives to Jenny, one of the volunteers, so that she can hand them out to the rest. They few Bernice is able to give out are really really appreciated, it´s such a privilege to be able to put a real smile on their faces.

Back at Wasi Masi, Roxanna is worried. Josh & Elise (of Muddy Bus to El Chalten fame) are due to arrive from Potosi. However it being May Day, apparently none of the buses or taxis are running because 3 lads who were due to leave for La Paz today have been stranded! So, we don’t know if Josh & Elise will make it, if they don´t the 3 lads don’t might be able to stay in their room an extra night!

Whilst we give Roxanna a hand prepping veg for the parilla, a new worry surfaces – that there won’t be enough guests for all the food she has bought. We did a total up, and we think there may be 18 people attending, but this includes Phil & Paul from the trek and Richard & Stephanie who were all out late last night as well as Josh and Elise who may not make it. At the scheduled start time there is only us, Michael, Jim, Roxanna and Zandro the chef who has also brought his son Freddie – eek!

However, we needn’t have worried. In the end over half the Condor troops make it, we coax Richard & Stephanie out of bed via FB, most of the other hostel guests arrive and right on time Josh and Elise turn up. So in the end it is a record attendance of 28 at the parilla 🙂

The parilla, as always, was great with far too much meat again, even though there´s more people than Roxanna catered for – well for everyone except Josh of course 😉 As people start to drift away we make a plan to meet at the market at 12.30 the next day to say goodbyes and exchange our last Argentinian pesos with Elena who is headed that way.

A core group continue to sit chatting until it gets too cold and we have an early night, leaving them to have one more drink on the Dutch Queen.

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