Surfing dude…!

It rained loads overnight – in fact it started in the restaurant last night but then no one cared!! We start the day with a Caribbean View brekkie which for Huw consists of cinnamon French toast and fresh fruit with maple syrup on the side – yummy although still not sure about the whole maple syrup thing!! Bernice settled for boiled eggs and toast.

The hotel is run by Luis and his family – they are great hosts and do anything they can to help out and are always joking around – its great to stay in a place where people enjoy what they do.

The plan is to head out for a surf after lunch when hopefully the weather will have improved, so Huw and Dan set about trying to hire a board each. They eventually end up walking bare foot for 15 mins up a rocky, muddy path to an organic coffee/chocolate shop cum surf hire shop followed by a slippery slide back down again carrying surf boards. Still not sure what a surf hire shop is doing at the top of a hill in the middle of the jungle??

The surfing is at a “reef break” i.e. the waves are breaking on a reef and rather than going to a beach and paddling out to the surf, the way to reach this wave is to get dropped off by boat and then paddle in. So, after a light lunch of banana, Huw, Nathan, Donna and Dan set off in a tropical downpour for a couple of hours surf fun, leaving Bernice and Jenny chatting at the hotel as the intended trip to Bocas town is postponed due to rain.

Young Luis (the son owner of the hotel Luis) takes the team out to the break and drops them off with instructions to be back in 2 hours to pick us up. The surfing was great for the first hour or so, Huw even nearly stood up 😉 but then things flattened off and we spend the next hour paddling around in the rain trying to catch waves. The down side of the boat drop off becoming ever more apparent as we get cold and tired with no beach to escape to … eventually after what seems like an age y.Luis turns up to collect us. Still not sure if he was really late or we were really knacked!?

Bernice and Jenny are on hand to meet the surf team on their return to the hotel and to help inspect Huw´s collection of surf injuries, cut feet from a cracked board, bruised eye from pulling the board too quickly back into his face, bruised hip from who knows where and chest rash from lying on the board / wax for a couple of hours…!

Huw makes the return trip up the hill to return his hire board as there is no way he is going to be in a fit state to surf in the morning and we all meet up for an early dinner of pizza and beer in the hotel.

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