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Rationing begins on Skyelark

Day five on the trip down to the Canaries and things are getting a little tight on the drinks front – teas and coffees that is. The important stuff. Peppermint tea and Real Coffee are now being rationed – Coffee to one cup each per day, when everyone is up. It’s not all bad news though, what with the second batch of onboard flapjacks hot out of the oven and our lunch consisting of more freshly caught fish, life isn’t so bad.
It’s a tad hot today so hiding downstairs seems sensible as another 3 hour watch is imminent.
Characters are certainly developing as team camaraderie comes to the fore. Here’s some insight on our travelling companions:

Skipper Dan is clearly enjoying a leisurely trip in prep for his onward ARC charter, and who we anticipate would win hands down in any John Belushi looki-likey competition. So Friday night in Las Palmas on the scour for a Rhythm and Blues review should be entertaining.

Watch A
Geordie Trevor was only supposed to be with us till Baiona but managed to stow-away on this leg and is thoroughly jealous of the rest of us hoping to continue across the Atlantic.
Adam, the cheekie chappie from Bath, that’s Baaattthhhh, not Baff! He’s quick witted to the point he’s likely to be our 1st casualty if MoB were to be exclaimed! Needless to say banter between him and the skipper is pretty hilarious. He’s hoping to hitch further too, an Atlantic passage on similar terms as we’re looking for.

Watch B
Will, 1st mate, made a mean paella last night. He plays the quiet card! Investment fund manager turned wannabe super yacht skipper!
Jock John, been catching all the fish but won’t eat it – not that keen on tuna!! Shame!!! Like any of the rest of us are complaining :0)

Watch C
Well that’s us. Enough said ;0)


So day three after leaving Baiona and we’ve just polished off a mega fresh tuna nicoise, fresh because we caught the tuna ourselves off the back of the boat – forgot to mention that was another pastime we’ve been partaking in :0)
Another blue sky day. Another fine sail. We’ve headed south now and the sail setting is now such that the goose has left us for the minute. Long may it last.
The great escape is still in front of us but we have tactics to hopefully win out in the end. The hare and the tortoise, know what we mean…
On our current milage per watch shift we calculate about 4.5 days till Las Palmas, but that said if the wind does die off and motoring takes over this will be a bit on the optimistic side.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy….