Tattie fields

Another chilled day, well a waiting game more like, we’ve arranged to go back to the dive shop at 1800, so really it depends how Huw’s ears are by then whether or not we dive. We’ve also arranged to catch up with the Reading posé, see how their dive today went.

The most energetic thing we do before then is walk the prom. The town seems to be gearing up for a wedding or similar big party in the main square as there’s lots of fancy tables being set up.

Other than that and Huw continuously treating his ears for most of the afternoon, with a disgusting amount of success. He was going to see a doctor but was told to come back after 0900. Resorting to the ear drops he eventually retrieved a whole heap of ear wax. Totally totally disgusting!

But the good of it is we have the green light for a dive. Raffael is happy and we’re on for an 0800 start tomorrow. Meeting up with Will and Hannah a short while later we are confident it’s a good choice as they had a great day.

It’s role reversal time, we have an early night as we’re the ones diving in the morning. The guys are heading south, they have a hire car and around two weeks to see the Baja. We give them some tips about where we’ve been and recommend the Sunshine dive centre in Cabo San Lucas. They are on their way tomorrow so it’s adios and a probable re-unite in Sweeney’s later in the year 🙂

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