Té con té

Today we are determined to go to a mirador to get some good panoramic photos of the city but everything seems to conspire against us. We set off reasonably early from our hostel and the sky is bright blue so the view should be amazing when we get there. It seems sensible to plan our route around a few jobs we have to do and tick them off along the way. There are 3 miradors marked on our map, so working out what else there is we choose what we think is the best one to head for.

Last night we were talking with the guys over dinner about the amount of people we´ve seen in zebra costumes and trying to work out what was going on. Well it all became clear this morning as we saw some near what once would have been a zebra crossing! There´s a huge banner above it and basically they are on a campaign to try and get drivers to actually STOP at the crossings. Generally they carry on whilst beeping their horns for everybody and everything to get out of their way. We even got a pose for some photos from one or two of the zebras.

We take in some shops (we are in the lookout for a cleaning implement for our Camelbaks) as we go via Loki (a major party hostel here famous for its “anything goes” attitude) looking for V – a kiwi guy we did the cycling with in Bariloche, a lifetime ago – he´s been working here over a month. We thought he´d already gone but we realised yesterday he was still here. Well in body anyway, as when we ask after him he´s in his pit asleep, must have been a usual heavy night then.

Next we seek out some old colonial and government buildings around a nice plaza and are thinking of having lunch before visiting the mirador when two things happen (a) we realise the mirador we are headed to is not a high point but just a point in the city where you can get a good view up the steep valley sides of the city, (b) it starts raining, so much for that sunshine this morning!

Lunch ends up being in a nice looking but expensive café. It´s a different part of town we´re in and we struggle to find anywhere else, always the same if you leave it till you´re really hungry.

Cutting our loses we head back to the familiar part of town and the café bar to meet Tom and Natalie. Phil also joins us – we met him outside his hostel whilst ambling about earlier and invite him along. It´s noticeably colder today and even with her new poncho scarf Bernice is cold sitting in this place. Some hot food helps alleviate it but we eventually have to move on. A bar we noticed the other night called the “Blue Note” is where we head to and low and behold it has a lovely open fire in the corner surrounds by comfy, and empty, sofas. Ah nice!
There was a plan to party on and find a club but it really is amazing how much the altitude kills our energy and we are all really too tired for this. Two mugs of “té con té”, a local speciality drink of alcoholic tea which isn´t too dissimilar to mulled wine.

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