Teeny weeny wee world

Our priority this morning is to get some washing done. It seems relatively straight forward. Leave a load in the laundrette around 1100 and pick it up again around 1600.

We are also on a mission to check out the diving options in the area and get some ear drops for Huw’s ears – blocked from the last diving!
Mike suggests going to the dive shop after 1500 as they will be out diving till then most likely.

We actually end up doing very little all day which is pretty nice. Some skype calls, some blog writig and photo sorting, a siesta and some research on places further north.

There is a small snag with the laundry, the lady has no change and Huw agrees to go back tomorrow for it. When we get around to visiting the dive shop it’s nearly 1630 and surprise there’s no one there. We take a note of the number and go back and call them.
In the time it takes to do this we discover they are now open!! We wander back down and when the guy is free – there is another couple in the shop – we ask about diving options and as Huw’s ears are bad we’re looking at Friday probably, not tomorrow.

It turns out the other customers are Brits. Not only that, Hannah lives in Reading just up the hill from our house and is a doctor at the hospital; Will is a physics teacher at Eton no less. We find all this out as they agree to come join us for a drink after they’ve sorted their dive gear out for tomorrow. It´s a small, no a minute, world!!! We move on to a pizza place for some food and then say our goodbyes till tomorrow, let them get an early night in preparation for their dive.

Then we go back and watch a movie. We know that we’ll have to stay a bit longer if we want to dive, get Huw’s ears sorted. But should we stay here…. Maybe we can get a discount if we stay 3 or 4 more nights. We should see how it goes tomorrow having given the ear drops time to work by then. If diving is an option… work it out then

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