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Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Hurrah!

What a birthday present. Arrival at a new destination. Brilliant. We got here about 0330 this morning and once anchored we all had a good sleep and have just polished off a great brekkie too. We have provisioned for bacon and eggs every Sunday and it just so happens to be Sunday too, so home made bread, crispy bacon, beans and scrambled eggs. Lovely.

After which we did shuttle runs ashore, knowing that it being Sunday there’d be very little open.

The population are predominately Afro-Caribbean with a Portuguese/Latin mix. Really friendly but also really poor. There are signs of growth with lots of building work going on. Lots of approaches to offer us services and point us in the direction of specific eateries. We walk possibly for about 30min but not much more and have seen most of the town. It’s not very big. A likely watering hole catches our eye and we all elect to stop for a light refreshment. Its extremely hot with no breeze. Funnily enough in the bar there is a photograph on the wall of the Luxembourg royal family, when asked why they replied “someone brought it in so we hung it up”. In the end we have lunch here too. The boys all have a local dish and Bernice has a toasted sandwich (feels too hot to eat).

Back on the boat we did some light chores: Adam and Will cleaned the hull. We put together a shopping list of any necessary re-provisioning having done a quick stock check.
Then bubbles, beef stroganoff a’la Huw followed up by birthday cake. Paul opted for an early night and as it was my birthday we went back ashore for a few more beers. That said it had been a long day and we were all in bed by pumpkin time! (it was Sunday, not much going on)

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