The day after the night before

As we don’t actually get back till 0700 this morning, getting up for brekkie really isn’t going to happen. We should really tough it out as the time has been moved to 0800 today (Jay has an airport run to do). But there’s no sign of either Jay or Maria, so we all just sneak off to bed, then we drag ourselves back up around 1030.

Alexandra is up and on the PC obviously waiting on Celine surfacing too.  We’re expecting our contact lenses parcel today from Angie, so no real plan to go very far, especially on so little sleep. But we soon realise the postie has already tried to deliver it just before we got up and no one answered the door. So it now needs to be collected. Doh!

The girls, it turns out still haven’t sorted further accommodation out from tonight onwards and they spend the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon on that problem. Well when Celine is able to that is – she’s a bit poorly (no sympathy for the self-inflicted) and has a huge BRI too. Oops!

We did have an initial plan to go to Brooklyn today – that was before we knew the parcel was being delivered and before we planned such a late night watching rugby. Oh well. The challenge now is to get the parcel today as tomorrow the post office will be closed and Monday we’ve discovered is a bank holiday. Which doesn’t leave us a choice – our flight is 0800 Tuesday :-/

You’d hope it’d be simple right, go to the Post Office with the delivery card, show ID and collect parcel… Nope! Huw meets a postie on his way, not the one with our parcel, but she says don’t go till around 4pm as the parcel won’t be back at the depot. This makes sense, ok, but when we do get there and follow her instructions – ring the bell at the side door, we discover that because the parcel is addressed to us, who don’t actually live at that address they shouldn’t really give it to us (something about using a c/o address, and security since 9/11). Not only that but it’s still out somewhere, the postie with it is still out on his rounds … We play as dumb as we can and throw in the sob story of flying home in a couple of days etc… and eventually the guy in charge calls the postie out on his rounds and arranges for him to come back to the bnb with the parcel before he finishes up. Result!

While all this is going on we also have a laundry in getting done – our last ever travel laundry, not something either of us are going to miss that’s for sure! Then, still nursing our hangovers we eventually drag ourselves off into town for art opening, a guy doing Airbnb invited Bernice along for a chat about residencies in NY. It’s a bit of a mission and disappointingly when we get there, there’s no sign of him 🙁

On our way back up town, we stop for some comfort food – cottage pie for Huw and fish’n’chips for Bernice, nice! The world’s not such a bad place after all.

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