The day we met Marcel

Hi Patagonia! That’s our hostel. What a great name for the place to start exploring Patagonia, and it´s a great place too. We are warmly welcomed by Gaston and Federico and are furnished with drinks, a map and loads of info on what to do and where to go. Toptastic. We dump all our bags in the lockers in our room and head off to explore and find brekkie. Federico recommended an empanada place just a block away (just up the road) so we head there. Bernice isn´t feeling great – we´ve just taken our tablets on an empty stomach again. Doh! She manages one empanada but struggles with it. We eat sitting at the beach – it´s just a block in front. We try to take her mind off it by walking around some dive shops and she eventually gets it under control. In one dive shop we meet Marcel, he´s Brazilian and convinced that he wants to go snorkelling with sea lions. We´d all ruled this out as it’s over 3 times the price of a dive. We´re trying to get the best experience, talking to Marcel we start to rethink our options and bargain hard with the dive shops as there are 3 of us and we are interested in 2 dives.

While we try and decide who to go with and what option to take we go for an ice cream, we promised ourselves on in Buenos Aires but never got around to it. Now we´re by the seaside we can´t possibly not! Yummy! Then it’s back to the beach till it’s time to return to the dive shop. We bump into Marcel again and go for a beer, he´s really easy company his English is excellent, not to mention his Spanish (his native language is Portugeuse) .  After a bit of toing and throwing later we finally book a dive and snorkel at a good price. We´ve gone for a dive with the sea lions and a wreck dive – just the 3 of us he promises a good experience. Bring it on.

Mission accomplished we head back to the hostel and join in the evening BBQ, we put our names down for this when we arrived hoping to meet somebody who would be interested in clubbing in on a hire car for a day or two, but we´ve since asked Marcel – he´s staying at a different hostel – and he´s agreed. The BBQ is to die for. It´s great, we really enjoy it and can only laugh at the experience we had on Saturday night at the Tenedor libre!!

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