The Drinks Exchange

Today we decide to visit the Island of Coronado, famous for its hotel, the one used in the movie “Some like it hot”. Apparently everyone thinks it was somewhere else but it’s here off the coast of San Diego. So inevitably when we arrive we walk to it, take some photos and stroll along the beach.

We thought stupidly that the whole waterfront would be swarming with outdoor cafes and restaurants and lunch wouldn’t be an issue. But alas there are none in sight so we have to backtrack to the main street to find food. Sat outside in the sunshine and waiting for our sandwich, we hear lots of noise across the street and realise its people watching the women’s world cup soccer (thats footie you and us) final – USA v Japan. It doesn’t sound good and when we check online we discover why, it’s gone to penalties! Sadly for them the USA loose. What astounds us is the number of people who don’t even realise it’s on!!!

After lunch we head back to the amazing stretch of beach but dipping a toe in the water, we´re gob-smacked at how cold the water is. It’s ruddy freezing! How can that be, how can there be so many people in it, paddling, playing, swimming,  when it’s so friggin cold? I don’t think either of us are going to hurry to go in anytime soon!!!

It takes us some time to walk around the island to where we want to catch a bus; we came across to the island on a ferry, but plan to get a bus that goes back over the massively impressive San Diego Bridge. We’re pretty tired and the bus is jam-packed so we have to stand all the way. This does mean we can’t take the great photos back across the bay we’d hoped to!

Arriving back in the Gaslamps district the plan is to go see a little of the ball game tonight. Except we didn’t do our homework and the game is just finishing when we arrive!! It´s a Sunday day game and not an evening game as all the others have been 🙁

We stop for a drink nearby anyway and then head back to the hostel and resort to a little internet time. David who we met yesterday is there and we get chatting to him again briefly, before he heads off out for the evening.

We also head out and find ourselves in a gem of a place “The Tipsy Crow”. It doesn’t claim to have a happy hour, but something else called the drinks exchange. There may be an equivalent in London, we don’t know, but it needs to be experienced to be understood and appreciated fully. There are TV’s above the bar listing drinks – beer, wine and liquor (that’s spirits to you and us) – with the current price, today’s high, today´s low and the overall change. Then, just like the stock market, as people buy a specific drink the price goes up depending on how popular it gets and down if no one is buying. Genius!

Problem is if you aren’t careful you’ll end up mixing your drinks real bad if you keep going for the bargain. There is another twist, there is an ATM like machine where you can buy tokens at the “now” price basically banking the current price for later. It is fun to watch, and of course we stay long enough to get the hang of it 🙂

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