The fishing competition

Waking up around 730am again (becoming routine like) we get up and join Adam on his watch. He says he’s been not stop, trimming sails moving the genoa across to the goose-wing position etc… We have brekkie of toast as the gennie is running, some oj and the essential “cuppa” as Paul refers to it. Chatting about some more inventions passes the morning. Interestingly the subject of piracy came into the conversation last night, can’t remember how or by whom, but the couple recently released by the Somalian pirates, are friends of Paul and Chris’s.

With the wind still being a bit vague we kind of half stroll-half limp into lunchtime. It’s still hot out there. We’re probably doing just a couple of hours in direct sun daily, any more and we’d fry.

Lunch of freshly baked baguettes with ham, cheese and alioli, yum yum!

The afternoon consists of a bit of sunbathing on the aft deck (flat bit at the back of the boat), siesta time afterall.

We listen into the ARC radio net for a while – Sulana, the boat Fiona is on, is acting as a relay for everyone as their HF set seems to perform best – when one of the boats proposes a fishing competition. The scoring is 20 points per fish + 1 point per cm. Paul does a quick calculation and informs everyone listening in that we have 360 points already … this appears to be pace setting 😉 We manage to catch another medium sized dorada mid-afternoon to add to the tally.

After dinner – a lovely chilli and garlic bread produced by Adam – Will thinks he hears the fishing line run, but it’s only a bit so we are not sure. Paul jokingly suggests that it is the rubbish (biodegradable obviously!) that we have just put over board. Will reels in to find a marvellous collection of Lipton’s tea bags … and a really small tuna. No idea what the points for the tea bags are but we get 35 for the fish!!

As we are getting close to Cape Verde (120 Nm) we are also on the look out for suspicious boats as there have been reports of people trying to board yachts in the area!!

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