The Lake District

We arrive around 11am and chat to Avi and Liza (two guys from the hostel we just left who happen to be on the same bus as us) while we work out how to get to our next hostel. While figuring out that we need a local bus into town we get chatting to a couple of kiwi lads, Ben and V. They’re booked into the same hostel as us so we join them to the bus stop (Avi and Liza get a taxi).

The town has a real out-of-season ski resort feel to it. Added to which our hostel is on a hill and up 60 odd steps. Boo hiss. We all check our bags into the luggage room and wander into town in search of brunch. This hostel has brekkie and dinner included in the price. Not sure it’ll be that great but free food is free food!

We spent the rest of the day researching what there is to do in the local area. There is a mountain club office here and they’ve been really helpful. We’re thinking of an over night at a refuge in the hills, it’ll be Fi’s first time trekking. After a lot of dithering we finally make a plan. Mountain biking tomorrow – the kiwi’s, their roomie, Avi and Liza might also join us. Then it’s looking like moving our hostel booking about and going to the hills Tuesday as that’s when the weather is likely to be best. If possible we’ll move Tuesday nights booking to Thursday night and do a 3 day hike – Fi suggested this, we’re not bullying her into it honest! Just need the hostel to confirm this is possible and that they can store the rest of our gear while we’re away.

Dinner is edible and on the up side better than the bus food. We also get a token for a free drink in a neighbouring bar where we arrange to meet Avi and Liza. Ben, V, their roomies Alanna (an American girl from Colorado, been travelling on her own for 15 months) and Nikki (also an American girl)

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