The mainsail jams

It was another very bumpy tedious nights’ sail. The only saving grace was being mum you didn’t need to get up for watch. That said sleep was difficult to come by too so we found ourselves in a weird place.

In the morning we all had toast and talked about putting the pole back out (resuming the goose-winged position) now the waves had subsided a bit and the sky looked a little kinder. As we prepared to do so the mainsail (roller reefing – all rolled inside the mast) jammed. Which meant it didn’t want to come out or go back in. It looked in a real bad way. We were all thinking that a hoist up the mast for someone was the only way forward, not that anyone really thought that could solve the problem. Just get closer to it. Lots of perseverance and positive talk around the matter meant we managed to do the impossible and free it :0)

It transpires that the headsail (genoa) and the mainsail both run off the same motor for rolling and unrolling so if the motor stopped we’d be in all sorts of poo! It did! But to everyones relief when Huw investigated it we found a circuit breaker had just tripped. We reset it and let the motor cool.

We passed over our mum duties to Paul and got ready for our 3pm watch, hoping the sail issue was well and truly fixed.

Adam sneaked in some flapjack making that cheered us all up. And thanks to Chris we again enjoyed chicken curry and mash :0)

Midnight watch was pretty uneventful in many ways. Bernice took charge of the first half trying to improve her confidence with the squally winds.

We woke up around 7am thinking everyone would be chomping at the bit to gybe (swap sails across) but it was Sunday and it seemed the main thing on everyones mind was bacon and eggs :0)

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