The Road Trip begins

The sleep on the blow up mattress at Dan & Angie’s isn’t great, more because we forgot what it’s like to sleep on an airbed and how when one of us moves the other feels the move too. But it was fine and woke us up reasonably early which we wanted.

So packing … hhmmm. Best we can come up with is empty everything out on Angie’s floor, re-organise having the accessibility in the car in mind, and re-pack. That done, believe it or not and it’s neatly lunchtime!!!

We have lunch with everyone, well except Dan as he’s at work, and then say our goodbyes. Along with their tent we have borrowed a cool-box, a pot, some cutlery, a hammer, and some sleeping mats. Cheers guys xx

Bernice drives us off as she needs to get her head around the automatic and the roads here. We set the satnav (oops we borrowed that too) to get us to an outdoor shop up in Berkeley on the outskirts of SF but on route. We need a couple of bits, namely mouth pieces for our camelbacks, gas for our stove, elastic for the tent poles they gave us if possible and maybe see what short light thermarest options there might be, that might be cheaper than home…..

$300 or more and over an hour later we leave the shop. Ouch. That’s quite a few nights accommodation. What did we buy?! All of the above plus a hat Bernice couldn’t resist; new sporks as Huw lost his and Bernice’s broke; socks; power bars…. The therma-rest answer comes in the form of a very light-weight balloon like item, ideal for the OMM when we return.

Alas having spent so much time there and being an hour later setting out than we’d Luke, we find ourselves even later getting north due to traffic. Rubbish!!

Eventually we stop for shopping at a Safeway and use Angie’s tel no as she advised to (a) earn her points and (b) get us big discounts on wine among other items.

All in all this means getting to our planned campsite would mean arriving and putting the tent up in the dark. So we stop at closer campsite and get the tent up before dark. It’s pretty nice and even offers Wi-Fi should we want it!!

About an hour in we’re just eating dinner, tent up, when a pick-up drives into the neighbouring pitch. Claims it’s a bit late and they can’t be bothered putting their tent up, they’re just going to sleep in the car. Father and son. In truth if they’d booked in they would be on a dirt pitch with a tent not a gravel one and as we know the office is now closed we reckon they sneaked in without paying and bet they’ll be away early in the morning!!!

We have BBQ chicken skewers with salad for dinner. Nice 🙂 oh and some wine 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Road Trip begins

  1. Lol. Hey girl wasn’t having a dig honest. Was just meaning it’s been a while since we’ve been on an air mattress that’s all :-/ xxx

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