The saga continues…

So with no consideration for how much hanging around we´re doing, unnecessary hanging around at that, we hang around some more, but agree only till we know the situation with the card… then we make a plan, which may be to ditch, but at the very least have a conversation with Richard about our time and our needs.

0830 having been up an hour and its time for Richard visit reception see what can be done about his card. He returns about 0920 and miraculously has his card, when talking to reception the engineer just happened to walk in.

Happy as Larry, Richard calls Bob and makes a plan yo collect the sail. They have to leave right away as Bob’s only around for another hour or so. So off the boys go in the dinghy, Richard getting off in town to go to the ATM – hoping yesterdays fiasco was a 24hour limit issue and that they’ve not put a stop on his card….

Meanwhile Bernice has brekkie and writes some blog. They return triumphant with the sail, everything all dandy now. After a late, very late brekkie Richard goes back to town to the Port Captain’s office – he forgot to take the paperwork earlier – to clear out, while we put the sail back up and generally get the boat ready for departure.

Marina fees paid and lunch had we set off around 1330. It’s a lovely hot day made all the nicer by now being able to enjoy it with a breeze coming through the boat.

We decide to mix things up a bit and swap watches, so that Huw follows Bernice instead of following Richard. Let him be grumpy to someone else, plus Huw can make coffee.

One that’s all decided Bernice goes off for a quick snooze while Richard kicks off the watches with 3-6 and Huw loses himself in a book he found on board.

Whilst in town yesterday Bernice picked up some more eye drops that she hopes are antibiotic and sets her alarm do she can get into the habit of taking them. It will be interesting as the watches change every 3 hours and the drops have to be taken every 4 hours…

Huw cooks dinner, a chinesey prawn stirfry thingy which goes down well and then we settle down to our watch routines.

There’s some great shapes in the sky, even a giant loveheart 🙂

When Bernice comes on at 0300 the engine suddenly starts losing power again. Richard says it did it halfway through his watch too. We thought we’d solved this problem. Well at least we know where to start looking – check the pipe to and from the fuel filter isn’t blocked. Guess if there is that much gunk in the tank it will just keep making it’s way to the filter….

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