The sky is on fire

What an amazing sunset. We can’t do it justice in a photograph but it was unbelievable. We took a photo last night also of the moon with a huge white halo round it.
– Photo of red sky and halo sky
Not sure why and none of us had seen that before either. We get it again tonight. We join the watch system and our 1st watch is 3-6pm and then after a nap, midnight-3am. Paul joins us for an hour in the night and we chat about boats and cruising as a way of life. Being on the mother watch all day and not used to not being on watch he can’t sleep I guess. Nice to chat though.

It’s quite a cool nights sleep and our silk liners are barely warm enough, might have to get our sleeping bags out for tomorrow, just in case. It’s quite weird, the sea temp is getting cooler and yet we are going further south. Might be due to some currents from the North Atlantic but why it’s colder here than Las Palmas is anyones guess … Bizzare!

Today the plan is probably to try and get the spinnaker pole free so fingers crossed.

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