The streets of San Francisco

In the morning Bernice is a bit better but still a little delicate. It´s a slow start, but she had, we both had a pretty good night’s sleep. She´s now very thirsty though. We have bagels from the fridge for brekkie and she manages to keep it down. We also chat to Claudia about the art walk and agree to stay another night – we haven´t heard anything useful back from CSing other than for the weekend with April and Tim so this makes sense.

It´s pretty late in the day when we go into the Downtown area, having Skyped home. We can´t believe how cold and grey it is here. The whole city is shrouded in a veil of sea mist and it feels pretty miserable, it was nowhere near like this in Oakland. We feel like we´re back in the UK…We have a walk around, orientating ourselves, the town is full of tourists which is also a bit off-putting and with Bernice still feeling a bit dodge, we end up going back to the bnb. We were under the impression that there was an art walk tonight in the centre of town, but there doesn´t appear to be any sign of it, just lots of lost people walking around with the art walk maps!?!

We did try to come up with a plan this morning to meet up with April and Tim and even Hanako the Japanese girl we met in LA at the CSing event there (she is based in SF) but we haven´t managed either, so it´s best to just go and have a quiet restful evening and recover!!!

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