The waiting game

We are up around 0700 and get through brekkie before the fuel dock opens, supposedly at 0800 but more like 0845, only to be told we have to go to the office (opens at 0900) to pay in advance and probably sort out all the paperwork.

Richard´s first visit to the office proves costly, the marina fees are more than they told him yesterday, then there’s a compulsory agency fee and a transportation fee to get the immigration people out from the airport. We have to wait on around five different inspections/visits to the boat all by different people on their own timetable, e.g. immigration arrive around noon. The food and hygiene guys not till after 1400.

But we have a more pressing issue. Until money arrives from the owner, Richard can’t buy fuel or pay the marina and with the Internet as slow as it is everything grinds to a halt. We can at least leave the dock and go ashore around 1500 when we are properly “cleared in” so we wander off for a quick look while Richard chases the cash. as we leave we are told the fuel dock closes at 1600 so it’s unlikely we’ll be leaving today now. Richard manages to get in touch with the owner, Patrick and the money is on it’s way. Hopefully that means we’ll be able to leave as soon as the fuel station opens in the morning, fingers crossed.

There’s another system building in the south and if we don’t get away soon we’ll have it catch us up before we get safely into Manzanilla. Dilemmas!!

Just as we are resigned to staying another evening and talk of going for a swim in the club pool a new boat arrives, flying an Auzzie flag, with two guys on board. We help then with their lines (to moor up) as the breeze is blowing them off the pontoon. A quick bit of exercise and some introductions and we decide to forget the swim and just head for the bar – a locals one opposite the marina entrance, where there´s hopefully only one price! – for a cooling beer. It’s not long before the guys find us and get some beers in too. Greg and Peter, have bought their boat “phantom” in California and are now sailing her home to Aus.

We have a few beers and a bit of banter and then all head back to our respective boats. Richard cooks us a veggie spag Bol and then invites the guys to join us – they’ve been busy filling with fuel and water. We have quite a pleasant evening on deck swapping marina and weather info – they are heading where we’ve just come from and vice versa. Oh and they promise to give us a copy of the whole last series of Dr Who! Result!!

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