Thinking of you always :-/

We anticipated today would be a tough day, made more demanding by the fact that we also have the task of putting the boat back together again. We agree to an early start and are well under way by 0800, and by 1145 we are nearly finished, which is just as well as it´s at this point that Bernice has a wobble.

She thinks of her mum all the time and today is the anniversary of her passing, but it´s only another day, right? Why be more upset today than any other day? But she does. She has to take herself off, go see if she can find some family to talk to, that’s what she needs…

It takes sometime but eventually she manages (Wi-Fi allowing almost) to speak to Kenny and Liz. She wants to talk but not really directly about feeling sad, just talk and let them all know she´s safe. Not that they probably knew in the first place. Thanks guys for being there it was really good to talk.

Funny thing is this hurricane that was due to hit, looked pretty severe, then it was named, and named Beatriz, which spookily enough was what Bernice would end up being called as a kid among other things, as no one had ever heard of Bernice and struggled with it as a concept. Huw even thought it was Bernice when it first came through from the weather site. Which brings us on to her theory…

If mum is watching out for us and if she wanted to let us know all would be well and we´d be safe she might want to send us a message to let us know that. In fact Bernice asked her for some kind of signal the other night, when we had some scary lightening, so who knows. Just think of this scenario, mum somehow sends a message to call the hurricane Bernice, and Chinese Whispers cause it to end up as Beatriz! Sound wacky? Think we´ve been too long at sea? Maybe 🙂 Well either way believe what you like and what gets you through, there´s no harm in it.

The hurricane came to nothing; there was no wind, hardly any rain and certainly nothing to harm us. It´s mum´s time of year, all within two weeks it’s the anniversary of her passing, her funeral and her birthday, she´s there watching over us for sure.

Which is what made today even sadder, feeling her so close and yet so far away…

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