Time Out

So a proper bed, a shower, no motion…. But we can’t sleep aahhhhh!!!
Got so used to our bunk room on board and the moving boat now we miss it :0/
And the crew, today (sat) is last time we’ll all be together – Trevor has to go home and back to work, it pains us to do so, but we join the others for another meal out – Chinese and rather nice it was too. Though very odd, 2nd day in Spain and we’re eating Chinese, not to worry I’m sure we’ll have plenty time for our fix on Spanish food before we leave :0)
Trevor was pretty sad to go. He had a great time and was mega fun to share the trip down with.
Next day we wandered through the old town and came across Casa de Colon – a house Christopher Columbus “lived in” … along with thousands of others across Spain, Portugal and Genoa!! And although it was in Spanish we managed to figure out most of it. There were loads of maps showing the different routes he took sailing west trying to reach India that way but not realising he’d hit the Carribean. He found the trade winds and unwittingly established the route for the ARC back in 1492!

After this a much needed refreshment stop and wifi fix. While sat enjoying the sun and the grand prix we got a call from Ossie, our next skipper. He was anchored in the bay which involved us blagging Skyelark’s tender (rubber dinghy yachts use to get around marina’s) and motoring out to see him. Adam and Will coincidentally had tee’d up seeing another skipper also anchored in the bay so we all went together- getting soaked on the way – thanks Will!!!
All’s well. Ossie seems pretty laid back, as you’d expect from the name. There’ll be us, two Croatians, two Swedes and him on the boat going across the Atlantic. Looks like we’ve got a fair bit of experience in comparison to the others, that said we’re catamaran novices. The boat is pretty palatial 6 double on-suite cabins!
Our departure has been slightly delayed, now due to leave around the 7 th Nov. which means a few things – we’ll be here for Huw’s birthday and we can go spend a few days looking around the island – something we failed miserably at 14 years ago when we lived here for 5 months!!!!

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