Toast, just a little bit o´toast

Dan manages to drag himself out to work this morning but we are so glad it´s not us, instead we have real toast and marmalade for brekkie, how excited are we. Home-made marmalade too with oranges from the garden, even whiskey marmalade to try too 🙂

Then Molly goes off to her friends for the morning and we go into the village for a coffee leaving Ben playing on his computer. Morgan Hill is a cute wee place, and Dan and Angie seem pretty settled here. On the way back we stop at the supermarket to get some groceries, Dan did the housework while Angie was away for the weekend with the kids, but not the shopping … and we need to replenish the wine stocks from last night too.

In the afternoon, Angie takes the kids swimming and we stay at home trying to source and pay for a car hire, San Jose is the best place near here to get it from.

Last night we volunteered to show Ben how to cook Carbonara for dinner tonight, but in the end we just get on and cook it as he´s had a wee bit of a grump on at the pool. Then it´s a quieter night than last night accompanied by Graham Norton!

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