Toucan plan ahead

A lie in. Wah how exciting! Except for the ruddy cockerels which put a stop to that idea!

Bernice wakes up thinking maybe we should actually look at moving on and not stay another week after all. We’re moving hostels today, but we’re not sure it’s worth paying nearly double for, and if it is, if we should really be doing more Spanish here. Oh well we have it for one night anyway as we gave them as deposit on our reservation.

As it’s early (0730) we decide to get up and go downstairs to do some Internet research to help solve the dilemma – do we stay or do we go. We need to check out of SBTS by 11am, so we de-camped to our new hostel (which is better than either of us remember) check in and sit with coffee/milkshake in the bar area and continue our search….

Huw finds cheap flights to Buenos Aires. It’s summer down in Patagonia now and if we head straight there and work our way back up, assuming we def want to go that far south, we’ll get the better weather. It’s rainy in the middle (of the continent!) at present and April, May would be better there. Patagonia will be cold and wet if we wait till after then. So it all makes sense to go down to Argentina now. A final check on flight options to down under for the 2nd half of the year confirms our best bet there is from LA. So starting at the bottom and finishing back up at the top is as good a plan as we’ve got.

Flights get booked!!! Not without trauma, American Express don’t want our business. Even though we’ve already had the chat – we’re travelling, it’s not fraud, approve our purchase – they still manage to bounce our payment!!! Good job we have alternative cards!

Now we just need to tell Ina we’re not continuing with Spanish…. We go down to SBTS for 5ish to settle our bill and catch Ina before it gets busy. There are new arrivals she needs to sort out, give tests to etc. She takes it pretty well. As usual the whole operation is in a state of chaos so us adding to it is hardly noticeable.

Relieved we leave and go back to our hotel. We continue with planning and a marathon blog sorting out session, then have a lovely in-house Indonesian dinner. We recommend this place: Hotel Casa Max. There’s even a toucan here.
Bed for around 10ish from what we can remember. No cockerels tonight just party animals in the hostel opposite till way after 4!!

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