Tour de Fat

Most of us are up by 0830, Bernice however isn’t and this results in a wake-up call, Ben and Max styly! Oh dear. Once she’s managed to fully wake up with the help of some very nice expresso, we’re treated to pancakes, sausage and bacon for brekkie. Nice one.

The plan for today is to see if we can borrow a couple of bikes from friends and go to Old Town Ft Collins (we thought these guys lived in Denver, as it turns out they’re about 20 mins away from Nick’s place) where there’s a street festival. It involves dressing up (beer is the theme) and cycling around town. We manage the cycling part from the park which we drive to. We cycle around until we stumble across an enclosed area where there are stalls, activities, food and beer. Ben does really well on his bike. Especially as we are cycling mostly on main roads.

There’s even a fenced off green with lots of weird and wonderful bicycle contraptions for people to have a go on. You have to see the photo’s as it’s hard to describe. Predictably Ben wants a go. Except the queue is really long and there are very few bikes inside that are small enough for him. Karyn manages to get permission to queue jump him to the front as he has his own helmet. Cool!

Meantime Huw and Andrew have gone in search of beer. This turns out to be quite a mission as you first have to go get your ID checked. Yes really, and a UK driving licence doesn’t figure in their reference book of examples!!! Once that’s cleared – they give you a wristband – you need to go and queue up again to buy beer tokens. The boys buy four and return.

Then it’s Karyn and Bernice’s turn to go for ID checks, same palava, except Karyn has left hers in the car and they won’t give her a wristband!! Bonkers! Bernice now heads off in search of the beer tent beer tokens in hand as Karyn goes to send back up – the chances are they’re only going to give beer to wristband wearers and probably only one per person!!!!

Huw arrives just as she gets to the front of the queue and we blag four beers saying our friends are minding the children! No lie! We just don’t worry about Karyn not having a wristband on.

Everything sorted it’s now picnic time. Hurrah. Ben and Max both have had their fill in the crazy cycle arena while this was all going on and are now busy passing chips and strawberries around everyone.

A stroll around the rest of the festival, a toilet stop and then back on our bicycles we go in search of an ice-cream in the nearby shopping area. We also have a look in some craft shops too and Bernice treats her and Karyn to a button ring each :-).

Back at the cars we split up differently the boys all head back home while the girls go via a supermarket to pick up a few bits. The plan for dinner changes when they come across ribs being cooked outside the shop. After a wee sample it’s unanimous – we’re having ribs for dinner. Which goes down well, particularly with Ben who is discovering them for the 1st time. Yummy!

The evening is a mixture of playing with the boys, helping Ben with his homework, looking through photo’s and listening to music. A chilled relaxed evening once the boys are in bed zzzz

[PS It’s called Tour de Fat after a craft beer brewed here called Fat Tire]

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