So day three after leaving Baiona and we’ve just polished off a mega fresh tuna nicoise, fresh because we caught the tuna ourselves off the back of the boat – forgot to mention that was another pastime we’ve been partaking in :0)
Another blue sky day. Another fine sail. We’ve headed south now and the sail setting is now such that the goose has left us for the minute. Long may it last.
The great escape is still in front of us but we have tactics to hopefully win out in the end. The hare and the tortoise, know what we mean…
On our current milage per watch shift we calculate about 4.5 days till Las Palmas, but that said if the wind does die off and motoring takes over this will be a bit on the optimistic side.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy….

One thought on “Tunatastic!!!

  1. Hey glad to finally see a photo of Huw, was beginning to wonder if you had thrown him overboard!! haha

    Looks like your still having fun, hope it isn’t as chilly there?

    How is finding time for Access going? Taught another class Friday, was great fun 😉


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