Vamos a la “Playa”!

We had a bit of a lie in this morning we didn´t need to get up till 0630 for brekkie around 0800. We are the 1st group to move out and are pleased by this as it means no huge group walk, for now anyways. The 1st 10 minutes or so involve crossing the river on an old wire wobbly suspension bridge.

Then through a small village and onto the road, a new road recently built to connect the villages to the bigger nearby town of La Playa. The rest of the walk for today is on this road. Even though the landscape is amazing it feels really tedious walking along a dirt road. There is a footpath we learn, the horses in fact are walking it, but there was some land slippage recently so it might not be safe!! Right! The horses can cope but we can´t. Huw feels mollycoddled and is not happy.

Today is also spent bunny-hopping two big groups which adds to the annoyance. We try to console ourselves with the fact that we are a small group and we all get on really well and try to absorb ourselves in that.

Along the way there is a zip-line connecting the two sides of the valley and used by locals to transport their goods from one side to the other. Enrique promises us a stop soon to soak our feet in the river but he gets his calculations wrong and its much further away than he thought so it’s a long walk. When we get there it´s nice and peaceful for oh about 10 minutes before the hordes arrive.

Not to worry the village we are heading for isn´t much further on and we know that very few people are walking the route we´re taking tomorrow so we are sure it will be much better. When we get to the village of La Playa (2,250m) and our hosts garden for the night we find we have the original tents again. Amazing! We get organised and then four of us head down to the river and brave the cold water for a shower/dip – Nigel hasn´t been feeling very well today, thinks it´s something he´s eaten.

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