Vomit comet!

We’d been warned! After 6pm we’d be in open water, the pacific (Golfo de Penas!) not in the fjords or canals anymore! It might be rough, a 3-4m high swell, in a flat bottom boat and going abeam to the wind, very uncomfortable!!!

We thought we’d be ok, not sick that is, and probably we would if it wasn’t for eye witnessing others puking!!! Nightmare. If we’d thought past how we’d cope to seeing others not coping we’d have certainly have taken sea sick tablets. As it was Bernice was sick a little, but not too bad. She still managed to eat her dinner – out of 101 passengers there were only a dozen at dinner. The cabin crew were insisting on carrying our trays to our tables. Everyone else had taken to hiding in their cabins. We had a bit of killer couch going on too as the sofas in the common room weren’t bolted down (not quite this bad, but you’ll get the idea if you check out this video). After dinner we (the few of us that were still standing) watched a movie, before turning in.

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