Waddingtons II

Before saying our goodbyes and leaving April and Tim we call up the car hire place to see if there was any chance of picking our car up a day early. You see we have to go through San Jose to get to Dan & Angies’s and from there it’s a double bus nightmare as well as a bit of a hike. We figure rather than have the hassle of coming back up to get it tomorrow we might as well get it today and then getting to Morgan Hill becomes easy. They are non-committal on the phone, asking Huw to call back later in the day.

We decide the best thing is to just get to San Jose and then phone and see if there is a car free. So a muni (tube) and a caltrain (regular train) later we call and hope we don’t have to do the buses. As it turns out we get there at 1400 and they reckon the latest a car will be ready is 1600. It makes sense still to wait, so with knowledge that there’s a Starbucks nearby we head to their office to wait.

Can we just take this opportunity to be really clear on our opinion of Starbucks. We neither like the coffee, the brand or the service. However we like McDonald’s even less and they are the only two places we know of as a backpacker you can guarantee free Wi-Fi and sockets to charge your gadgets. So we are visiting Starbucks purely on a needs must basis!!!

In fact on this occasion there is another coffee shop option that we try. We buy a drink each and ask for the Wi-Fi code. There wasn’t one, good job really as the Wi-Fi wouldn’t work at all nor was there any sockets to hand. So a further walk and Starbucks it had to be.

By the time we got back to the Waddington household everyone was home from their days outings. After an aperitif or two (GnT’s) we sample Angie’s pulled pork. It is basically slow cooked, shredded and BBQ flavoured pork, which you eat like a spit-roast sarnie. Nice.

We also negotiate getting some washing done so we have all clean clothes for our trip. That and pitch the tent they’ve offered to lend us, make sure it’s all there and works.

A bit of chit-chat and time for bed. Thankfully we’re not displacing Molly for the night, we’re sleeping in the front room on a blow up air mattress.

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