Waking up in pardise

Bernice wakes up, or more correctly, is woken up around 10am. Huw has been up for some time (surprised! Thought not!!), he and Will have already had a swim and Will has moved on to brekkie making. There’s something wrong about a fry-up in this location. Isn’t there???!!

Oh did I forget to mention? Adam is still in his bed. Lightweight might be an adjective we’d apply…..

Paul’s gone to customs to “clear” us in. He’s been gone quite some time now. We’ve debated cleaning the boat but it’s far too hot and we’re supposed to be moving the boat onto a private mooring – Paul has a friend here who used to, may still do, run the Marina and he’s arranged for us to berth up at the end of his garden. Didn’t last night as it was dark and late on arrival.

When Paul gets back and we’ve had lunch Will, Huw and Bernice go into the Marina to try and sort out Internet connection. We get some, but not brilliant! We meet up with Fi and she’s up for coming back to New Dawn to cook us all a meal. So we get out of cleaning for another day.

Tonight is an early night for all but Adam. He’s been sleeping all day so he’s raring to go. We’re tired and actually letting Adam and Fi have some time alone :0) :0) :0)

Early start tomorrow to move the boat!!

One thought on “Waking up in pardise

  1. It is nice to know some people are too hot while the rest of us freeze. Down in Wales now not just as cold as Stirling but more snow. xx

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