Wasi Masi

The excitement of being locked out of our hostel last night was too much for us all, so first job today was to find another place to stay. The Internet has also proved non-existent here so we went to the cafe bar we were in last night for an alternative connection. The place is called “Joyride” and is pretty expensive for both food and beer (catering mostly for gringos and wealthy Bolivians who want to express their wealth it seems) but we know it has internet. The hostel search wasn’t very fruitful as we want space for tonight and availability isn’t showing at such short notice. There’s only one thing for it – to walk around some hostels and ask!

We check out Wasi Masi first, this is the place we emailed while in Potosi, and got no response from but it’s also the place where Richard is – a guy Dan met in La Serena before we arrived. Call it beginners luck but there is a 3 man room we can have and it looks much better than what we’ve already got and only a short distance away we realise this morning. So its all cool! We go pick up our bags and move in.

To our surprise Dave (Bristol), Wouter and Linda (Dutch) guys from the singing lamb are also staying here.

There’s a notice up in reception offering Spanish lessons and enquiring about this we are given the option of meeting a tutor later today. So why not…

Once our bags are safely deposited in our new room and we’ve briefly caught up with everyone we head back to “Los Balconies” with Richard and Dan for lunch. We have a menu of the day which is basically as much salad and parilla (BBQ) as you can eat (its ok everyone, it’s mostly pickled salad options).

As the Spanish tutor is coming to see us this afternoon we have to leave our lovely view of the plaza and head back. It turns out that we have two hours lesson there and then and he seems pretty good. We quiz him about the best option – separate lessons or together. He thinks together are best. Funny as most of what we’re read about Sucre schools is that individual lessons are best…. We have to weigh this up and visit some schools and then decide what to go for. Lessons in schools here are ~6.5US (45Bs) an hour for individual lessons. Isaac (the tutor we’ve just seen charges 50Bs (7US) an hour for both of us or 35Bs (5US) if we go for individual ones.

While deciding on whether to use a school or have independent lessons with Isaac we book another 3 hours for Monday anyway. Can’t do any harm.

Isaac tells us that all the fuss in town we noticed today is because the teachers are all on strike looking for more pay. Different country, same issues! Though it sounds like they are getting a really raw deal here almost on the bread line.

Oh did we tell you Michael Jackson is staying at our hostel!! Yes really! He´s from South End.

PS Wasi Masi means House of Friends in Quechuan (the indigenous language here) so that’s nice.

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