Wave goodbye

We have another bash at the lottery this morning, but as Saturday is the busiest day generally and with town as busy last night as it was we are not so sure we have much chance. Then again it is a lottery, and it certainly does what it says on the tin, so we have as much chance as everyone else. Right!

Well it’s not meant to be, even though there are only 58 people today. We do have a backup plan – to walk a route nearby that would take us through some spectacular slot canyons anyway, about a 10 mile round trip.

We firstly go a mile down the road to see some “mushroom” rock formations, a detour that’s supposed to take 10 minutes and in the end takes way over an hour …. Looking at the time we make the hard choice which is just to take off towards Zion. It is lunchtime already and a long hike now would mean a late arrival in Zion, which would probably mean lack of campsite options, which in turn might result in another night in the car. Fearful of this outcome and in need of a shower the hike is duly dropped and Zion is the mission.

We stop off in Kanab again on the way through, for the usual – coffee and fuel. Then carry on arriving at the park around 1500. The park campsites are full (as has always been the case within the parks, so no surprise there, and it’s Saturday) but we know of an RV site just the other side which we head for. We’re not a fan of these sites but it’s on the river and close to the park entrance with a couple dozen tent pitches, wifi and a pool. Not to mention showers 🙂

The RV site is not full and hinting at more although only committing to one night, we are designated a lovely river fronted pitch. The pitches are a bit squished but we have shade, a view, a double view in fact – river and mountains, and are happy in the knowledge that we can go shower 🙂

Admin all sorted – tent up etc., we walk back into the park to the visitor centre to ask about the likelihood of permits for The Subway. The Ranger is very encouraging, they allocate 80 permits daily a day in advance of need and if we turn up in the morning at 0700 we will be queuing for one of 25 not yet sold for Monday. Nice. As it’s not advertised anywhere, like we’re thinking not many people are aware of it, so the odds are strongly stacked in our favour – right?!

A free shuttle takes us back past the campsite and into the village, hatching a plan – it’s mega hot right now which suggests any hiking plans need to involve early starts if we are to have half a chance of doing them – we reckon if we prep tonight (brekkie and lunch) for tomorrow and leave for the lottery ready to hike, we can sort out the chance on The Subway Monday, and then take the shuttle to the start of the Angels Landing hike. Probably starting this around 0800 🙂

The village is pretty nice, touristy, but not in-your-face touristy. The girl in the coffee shop in Kanab had recommended an eatery so whilst looking for a supermarket we check out their menu.

Back at the campsite we have a well earned chilled evening, campfire, BBQ, and a fee beers, fingers crossed for tomorrow 🙂

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  1. You can but in the parks they limit numbers to keep down the damage to the environment. Also if they issue permits they know who is due back out, and therefore whether a bear or cougar has had you or not.
    The Wave though is limited on numbers probably because of it’s fragility.

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