We´re backpackers, let us out of here!

As the parilla is supposedly Dan and Richard´s last night in Sucre we had agreed with Isaac to have a late start to our lessons today – 1030 start, yippee!! It wasn´t a late night really but the thought of getting up at 0730 to get ready for lessons was not pleasant.

We say “supposed” to be their last night, but as Marcela and Noel couldn´t leave yesterday due to blockades the boys both decide to stay on till Sunday. Marcela and Noel have to move out again, but luckily they can stay in their original hostel again tonight. No one has any idea how long the strikes, specifically the blockades, will last but it´s sounding pretty permanent and we even hear that in Potosi dynamite is being thrown by protestors (well if it’s less than £2 a stick what can you expect?!!)

After today’s lessons we join most of the crew and head up to the Mirador for a visit to the café there where none of us can resist the brochette to accompany our beer, a very nice way to sit and watch the sun go down over the city 🙂

Returning to town once we are all thoroughly cold – the temperature drops rapidly when the sun has disappeared – we decide to chance a chinese restaurant we´d spotted yesterday. It looks ok from the outside but once we have ventured in we soon realise how run down and past its best it really is. Undeterred we risk it anyway (can´t be any worse that the TV dinner we had in San Pedro) and apart from the really slow service and a mix up on dishes, the food is ok. In need of some local flavour and reward after this we head to Pueblo Chico for some beers. We like this place after all as it´s not full of gringos, well apart from us that is!! Oh and we discover “Inferno”, a 2litre jug of stuff thats served with shot glasses….

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