We´re putting the band back together

In the morning Dan is looking a little bemused, he´s checking share prices and notices Silver is at a five year low, having started dropping directly after he bought some shares, ouch! We thought he´d be at work already but he´s just getting ready to leave as Angie returns from the school walk. Dan is full of suggestions of what we can get up to while he´s away, but truly all we fancy doing is resting, and admin. A lazy day is on the cards, thanks.

Some photo-sorting, some blog updates, some chatting, hey Angie even gets some prep done for her volunteer science class at school. We´re all very productive albeit we don’t move from our spots, well not until school finishing time anyhow…

Then all the relaxing consumes Bernice and she sneaks off for a nap. Huw, Angie and Molly go to the pool and get back without her even realising they´ve left the house. Ben has a play-date (a pre-arranged agreement to go to a friend´s after school to play a while, a usual Friday thing).

Angie has arranged a babysitter for tonight so we can all go out for a meal and have some kid-free time. We go into town for a drink and a snack at a local wine bar, and then return to a nearby Thai restaurant that allows us to walk home so no need for driving. It´s really nice and pretty busy too, much busier than they expected.

The night continues at home, when we relieve the babysitter and someone has the bright idea to get the drums, electric guitars (2) and mike´s (3) out!!!! It´s hilarious and probably both very bad and very sad, but we all have heaps of fun …surprisingly the kids don’t hear us or come down and tell us off for the noise we´re making. It´s a huge leap forward from Guitar Hero I, but with no more talent :-/

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