We have fish by the bucket load!

It’s Sunday which means bacon and eggs for brekkie! So even with little sleep our spirits are lifted as we get tucked into brekkie with home made bread “a’la Adam”.

To be fair we are doing double the speed we were doing in the night. Now on a whole 4 knot average. Yippee!

It’s not like we’re in a hurry or that there’s any danger of running out of supplies. But it is quite hard to find patience out here. Even the patience is probably manageable, the thing that really drives you to distraction in light winds is the sails flogging (flapping back and forwards) because the boat ends up going as quick as the wind so the sails don’t work!! Digging deep is a definite skill required.

What’s sure for certain is none of us want to motor all the way. We are all hoping we’ll pick up the trade winds soon. Fingers crossed.

Off and on all day we get enough wind to maintain our meagre speed. A little into Adam’s watch directly after us, we see some dorado’s jumping out of the water chasing after flying fish! Next thing we know we have a bite on our line. It’s the biggest we’ve hauled in yet. It’s 1.3m long and takes quite a bit of fighting by all of us to get it on board! Adam and Will a double act on the line, Huw ready with the gaff (he’s tied on now so he can’t fall in, you’ll all be pleased to hear), Bernice ready with the lasso for his tail and whisky to knock him out! Oh and we can’t forget our camera man, most important that it’s all captured on video and stills for sharing with you guys and proof for the doubters!! We get some hefty filets from it that Huw takes an age obtaining, only one and a bit required to feed the 5 of us for dinner tonight!!!! It’s all sweet! :0)

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