We leave New Dawn behind and start the next chapter…

Had a really shocking nights sleep. Bernice got eaten loads by mosi’s and her skin reacts bad to them. On top of that it was stifling hot in our cabin. The only good to ease the drain is that today we leave Paul and New Dawn for a hotel/b&b – which hopefully won’t have the same issues. That said we’re both really sad to go. We’ve really enjoyed the trip, the experience and the company – Paul, Adam and Will. Who knows we may meet again pacific side :0).

It’s still raining here when we get up, although there is some respite when we want to go ashore with our bags. Firstly Huw drives around the Marina emptying the water out of the tender, it’s pretty full from the rain! We make our farewells and close the chapter on New Dawn, for now. Wishing Paul a safe trip home for xmas and seasons greetings to him and his family x
Ashore we have brekkie and try sort accommodation out. Yep you’ve got it, we’re that organised that we still have it to do!!! We try quite a few more original places with character, within our budget but they’re all full, surprise surprise!! Including the recommendation from Cuthbert. In the end as the stress levels peak and lunchtime is looming we settle for a nearby flash (supposedly) place that has discounted rooms – £42 per night instead of £125. We have to book over the Internet to get the rate and book 5 nights. Well at least tonights sorted. Problem is it takes us to Xmas day, and we don’t really want to be moving that day, do we????!!!
The dilemma is, that we are trying at the same time to book flights to Panama to arrive there around the 3/4th Jan which is proving expensive …. In the end we decide to go to Panama before new year. Radical, we know, but it halves the price! It means a night stop over in Miami which we could do with out, but hey Ho! We go ahead and book, so we’ll leave here on the 29th. Loosing out on spending NY with Will, Adam, Skyelark or Fiona… That now also means we need to sort accommodation out between 25th-29th Dec. Easy street!!!!
But enough for now, we both agree on a break from it. If worst comes to worst we can probably just extend the hotel we have booked already, can’t we?!!
After lunch we nab a taxi to the hotel, it’s not far but we’ve accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ and the rain is still threatening.
One of the things we want to do is investigate the cost to send our wet weather sailing gear home. The earliest we’ll need them now is June, after Tahiti. That said if we want to get to RWC in NZ (a bit of a joke originally, but now a madcap plan) we may have to resort to flying the last leg. Sailing is weather dependent and we’ve learnt that the earliest you can sail there is prob late Oct early Nov. Which would mean missing the RWC. Also the last leg Fuji to NZ would be cold, wet and windy…. Not something to worry about right now. We just know there’s no point lugging our oilles and wellies around for the next 6 months “just in case”.
After check in and a little Internet time (its out in the courtyard of the hotel but tucked away in a damp dark corner – prime mosi feeding ground. Bernice fairs even more badly!!!) we think about going back round to the Marina to hook up with Matt and Kyle but they’re tired and so are we. So it’s a lazy afternoon with some investigative work on accommodation and flights and then an early night.
We catch the UK weather on the tv. Wah! It’s a tad cold over there….
We now have a decent connection, most of the time on our phones and keep an eye on skype to see if anyones about for a chat. We catch up with Huw’s parents and Bernice’s brov Kenny. Nice.
Just so’s you all know, we’re 4 hours behind over here :0)

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