We love it when a plan comes together

Today’s mission was to agree a plan for “what next” and book transport and accommodation. After talking through the options we agree to head south for Patagonia – it’s peak season still but the weather is at it’s best. As a first stop we pick Puerto Madryn as a base to visit the Valdes Peninsular before heading to the mountains in the deep south. It’s about a 1000km of nothingness between BA and the Peninsular, even the “express” bus journey to get there is over 18hours long..!!

A little bit of research and a trip to the main bus station convinced us to relax and book online as the prices seemed fixed with no deals on by booking at source.

We also visited the now rejuvenated dockside area and returned via the main shopping area. It was very smart, like St Catherine’s dock in London but bigger or maybe more like the dock areas in Bristol now. Full of cafe’s, bars, restaurants, swanky hotels and apartments.

We walked our socks off today! Least we would have done had we been wearing any. A 7 hour marathon, with only two watering stops along the way πŸ™ On the up side Fi got to see loads of the town πŸ™‚ and Huw phoned the bank where he left his card last night and they have found it πŸ˜€

Dinner was washed down with Internet bookings. The hostel (rated 92% and best in Latin America 2008, we’ll let you know if that holds true) is right on the beach and we’re excited at the prospect of diving with sea lions. We’ve gone for the full reclining seat option on the bus – you could have semi, full, or what looks like a full on bed option!!! We get the mid range reclining seats (guy we spoke to in a travel agency said that the extra comfort is worth the AR$40) and food in the price. Think it works out about Β£65 each. So 18-20 hours on a bus on Monday, hear we come….we’ll let you know how it goes….

All done we get some z’s in. Still got 3 days sightseeing to do in BA and a weekend to fit in. Night!

3 thoughts on “We love it when a plan comes together

  1. Hope the reclining seats are comfy! Have a good journey and keep hold of the Iphones and bank cards this time. Emily

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