What a bare day

The day starts off a wee bit shaky and much later than anticipated. Bernice had arranged to have a Skype call with Kenny, her brov, at 0900 but we don´t even wake up till after 1000. It´s been raining all night, which is better than the forecast of it raining all day today, so fingers crossed it has rained itself out. A late call allows us to sing happy birthday to Sophie so all is not lost.

Nathan and Donna spend some time prepping for their road trip north to Donna´s cousins wedding and then we head out early afternoon to Port Alberni, the main town for them where they can buy a few camping necessities and Bernice fits in a haircut – 2nd only since the trp began and much needed.

On the way we stop by a place called “Stamp River Falls” known for the salmon leaping at this time of year, and surely over run by bears too. You´d think, and normally it is. For us, uh-uh, we dip out again! Jinxed we think!

It is a lovely river gorge though and definitely worth the visit, bears or no bears. And we get a couple photos of the salmon leaping, so time definitely well spent.

In Port Alberni we split up, the guys go off to do their shopping, Bernice has her haircut and Huw has a snooze in the car after doing a toiletry re-supply. On the way home Nathan and Donna visit his folks and we stop off at the towns Harbour Quay which is very windy. We manage to make it back shortly before them and chill with a wee beer while we wait. They arrive back armed with pizza, nice!

They then spend some time trying out the goodies they bought today and finish packing for their trip, while we read, blog, and think about packing too – we´re off to visit Biker Mark tomorrow (so named as we met him and Neil on the Navimag, they´d biked down the whole length of the Americas over a 3 month period), he lives on the Island too, about an hour from here.

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