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  1. Hi Guys! We hope you are keeping safe. Every now and then
    we have a wee look to see if you have posted anything to the
    website. At one point I (Julie) was thinkin….how in the flip do
    we know you are still ok!!?? The atlantic is sooooo huge and all
    that! Still we can see from the photos that you both seem happy and
    well bronzed (Scottish tan wise!). We are ensconsed in Bangor in
    the snow and Ollys mum is here for Xmas. Going to my step sisters
    for Xmas day and eating and drinking lots the rest of the time.
    Olly still looking for a job (got an interview for January at
    least) and I am still pulling in the grocery money every week with
    my huge wage of £6.25 an hour. Serves me right for not wanting to
    do my RSA 2 typing or my Law Degree!! Anyhoo, have a nice Xmas in
    the sun and all the best for 2011. Julie, Olly, ryan and Luke

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