Who needs Reading Festival when you have Bowfest?!!

We are all up and breakfasted by 0930 so have plenty of time to get into town and parked before the village parade starts. Josh’s dad left earlier as he’s setting up a jewellery stall, the family business used to be jewellery but they’re now lucky enough to have taken early retirement moving permanently to the island. So the stall today is just a weekend thing to sell off leftover stock. It’s a way of meeting the local community and keeping busy.

The walk from the car to the parade takes us past all the floats waiting to start. Among them is a bagpipe band and a Morris dancing troup of all things. There’s also some local police, or should I say Mounties and even one Mountie bear! 🙂 The theme is “under the sea” and there are squids on scooters and smart car submarines!!

Just before the parade starts (it has to time it just right between ferry arrivals!!) a car trying to park in a side street near us drives too far off the road and ends up in the ditch, big time! Huw and Josh and loads of other guys go over to try and right it. When they get the lady out of the car she disappears! Obviously the parade is more important than standing there looking embarrassed!!

It’s really hot and sunny where we stand but not unbearably so. Every float that comes down the street throws sweets at the kids, and when little kids are involved in the float, they even throw sweets at the other kids watching, albeit reluctantly.

Once it’s all gone by, and it is pretty long considering there’s only about 4,000 people living on the island, we head on down to the bottom field where all the festival action is due to take place. We’re pretty excited to take in the slug race. Oh and the beer tent obviously. Where we find real cider and ale (a tad cold though but nice try) which helps wash a lunchtime compulsory burger down.

A bit after lunch we head up to the town baseball park to watch our 1st live baseball game. Here we meet Josh’s cousin Alex who is like a 2nd sister to him as they grew up together. Then we head back to his house to get the dog (Cooper) and possibly his mum to walk around the lake as there’s loads of time before any live music comes on, his friends band playing and is called Wasabi, they’re due on around 5.

By the time we walk the lake which is really lovely, with mum, Cooper and Ginger – his grandparents dog – it’s after 5 and we’re already missing his friends band. We all agree we’re happy to just grab BBQ supplies and head back to the house for GnT time on the beach.

Its been a busy few days and they’re now catching up with us, so much so that we’re all in bed by 2130 rock’n’roll!!!

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