You want “what” on a Friday afternoon?

A middle of the night eerie walk in the forest to the toilets. Yikes. Then fast asleep till around eight. Blueberry bagels are off the brekkie menu as that’s the 2nd bag we’ve bought and both seem stale πŸ™

Not to worry. After we pack up we set out for our drive around crater lake, with the aim of doing lots of stop offs for photo-taking and find a nice spot later for a picnic lunch. We hope by getting going early we beat the crowds.

Hurray, it’s not very busy at all and it’s beautiful in the morning light. A lovely still lake with mountains reflecting on the surface. Worth it!

We find a lovely spot nearly to ourselves for lunch and the park is busying up so we were right to get on it early.

Now to find a campsite for tonight. At one point in the haphazard planning we do, we realised today was Friday and it might be difficult, but somehow that was superseded with seeing the lake before it got busy.

It doesn’t come back to mind either until it’s 1530 and we’re nearly at the motorway having found a few campsites but not wanting to stay in any of them. Why are we being picky on a Friday? Well we had a lovely forest campsite last night and managed with toilets, no showers, but having sat in front of the campfire all evening and got all smokey we really would like a campsite with a shower tonight.

Easier said than done we’re realising in fact thinking about it we’re lucky there have been toilets provided up until now as 90% of all campers are in those huge RV things and therefore self sufficient with toilets and showers to boot!!!

We eventually find a site that doesn’t look like a brakers yard and that has space, so under sufferance we accept going without showers for another night.

It’s a lovely sight really and we have a wait for it… A”drive in-drive out” pitch! There is lots and lots of grass not being utilised which could easily (and would be back home) be filled with just tents but alas they only have 34 pitches and they’re all marked out.

Tent up, we decide on popping out to look for a supermarket. Think we deserve more than just one wee beer each, which is all we have. The receptionist gave us directions to the nearest supermarket and also admitted not knowing her left from her right… So we are driving in the hope that it is the right direction for a shop of some sort even if not the one she was directing us to!

All supplied up at good old Safeway (no not where the directions were supposed to lead) we return to the campsite to relax. It’s 1830. At least we don’t have to worry about campsites for the next two nights as we are heading to Portland and have the kind offer of a studio apartment. A couple of ladies we met in San Diego, Carolyn and Becca, were nice enough to suggest this if we ventured north. We call Carolyn to confirm and make a plan for meeting up.

Then it’s a few more nights camping with Connie and Rowan before heading into BC and the other Canadian rendezvous πŸ™‚

So the evening is pretty much chill, cook dinner on the BBQ, write (catch up with) blog. Sorry everyone. We think we have it cracked now. The problem is you get one day out and then you resort to just making notes each day and not writing in long-hand, which makes for extra work in the long run. So now what we’re doing is trying to catch up with the back-log while at the same time keeping the current day written up in full. So at some point it will miraculously be up-to-date.

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