Dinner at grandma´s house

It´s a rainy rainy day in Puerto Varas, which makes us feel like we should be travelling as we are usually on a bus as the weather turns. But we extended a night so we´re here and chilling while the droplets fall heavier and heavier as the day wears on.

Admin, blogging, laundry, upload and re-naming photo´s, drinking chocoñac …. such are the chores we line up. Huw was going to go white water rafting with Pete, Anthony and Lauren but with the forecast for rain it didn´t seem like such a great idea and didn´t amount to anything.

Lauren and Anthony offered to make us all dinner and checked it´d be ok to have us around to their hostel, they´ve re-christened it because it´s very old run by very old people and full of doilies and other such old things.

So after all the chores are done we head round to Grandma´s House and enjoy some nice food and play cards for the evening. They teach us a new game which is a bit complicated, too much for Bernice as she has a bit of a headache – probably the chocoñac – so she calls it a night and lets the rest of us carry on, little did she realise she wouldn´t be able to have an early night because back at our hostel not only were most of the residents up chatting and drinking they were a few smoking too so it was noisy and smelly….

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