The thing is when you know you need to wake up and get a move on you manage it, regardless of how tired and hungover you might be especially when there´s food involved. Such is the hardship of the backpacker – you´ve paid for brekkie and you ain´t gonna miss it!

So 1025 and there we all are, in body if not in spirit, at the table drinking coffee and eating toast. Five minutes to spare and its all good, the Paddy hats are still where we left them when we got back which at least we remember, Chris can´t even remember coming back!

Checkout is supposed to be 11am but it’s actually nearer 12 when we´ve all paid up and ready to move out. We discover there´s a bus to Pucon at 1225 so that’s the one we aim to get, having snapped and booked a hostel over brekkie (looked like loads were full tonight, probably the weekend and the good weather). The journey is only a couple of hours, a walk in the park. Bernice is still adamant she doesn´t want to climb the volcano, figuring it´ll be just one big slog and the prospect of crampons, ice axe and then sledging off the top really don´t appeal, for Huw and the boys on the other hand….

The hostel is ok, a way out of the centre and pretty busy. Feels like a hippie commune and whoever thought having carpets in a hostel was a good idea needs to be shot – they stink! Almost as much as the two big Newfoundland’s living in the garden!! They are cute though, the dogs, not the carpets 🙂

We offer to cook dinner for the lads, they usually eat out or take away so thought it´d be a change for them. Chilli is on the menu, with the usual challenge of finding all the ingredients – you´d have thought being in Chile you´d be able to make chilli quite easily! Nope! They don´t sell kidney/chilli beans for a start, or any kind of tinned beans for that matter, so we have to settle for dried beans and soak them instead. As for chillies or chilli powder….

We manage to make something edible anyway and it goes down well. We had a good walk around town when we arrived and it seems pretty empty so the idea that all the hostels are full tonight doesn´t seem feasible, or they´re all on the mountain, which could be the answer as it’s a lovely clear blue sky, and the temperature does seem a degree or to higher, northwards we go!

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