… we´re all alone now

Dan and Richard are definitely leaving today. Richard plans to get a bus around 1pm and Dan is getting a bus around 7pm. Kirsty and Matt are also going today, onto La Paz, they are flying though. It´s 12 hours on a bus for around £15 or 45 minutes on a plane for around £40… we´ll need to weigh this up for when we leave… initially we think the 22nd – two weeks of lesson but realising it´s Good Friday and not wanting to move over Easter weekend, we extend this to the 26th.

So many goodbyes in one day… and we have a heap of weekend homework to do that never got started yesterday… Where do we start?!!

Richard is due to leave first around 1pm, so we get some homework done while we pass the time, then sadly say farewell. We then meet Matt and Kirsty for lunch in florin to say farewell to them too, as they are headed in the same direction there´s still a chance we´ll see them again – our turn to follow them. We then return to Wasi Masi to do some more homework and get some photos uploaded too. Dave left late night and although we saw him, Michael J and Jenna in Los Balconies, he left without saying goodbye!

That said, we are back in Los Balconies again for an early evening farewell meal with Dan – his choice, and we´ve managed to get all our homework done, honest. We have spent a good month on and off travelling with Dan so it is quite sad, but he plans to stay in Columbia for a while so there´s a good chance we´ll meet him again too. We walk him to the bus stop and halfway, Roxanna comes running out to give him a hug and say goodbye – quite unexpected!

Baloo (Roxanna´s dog) is not herself today, think she´s quite sad everyone is leaving. Most people have been here quite some time, only ever planning a few days, and then getting sucked into the magic that is Sucre, that and the strike disruption making it difficult to leave.

The day is finished off with a crappy movie for Bernice as she joins Mirjam and Laura in the TV room, and Shithead for Huw with Michael J and the Belgium couple who have been here in Wasi Masi the longest (Clarisse and Jeoffrey)