We´ve seen it all now!

An uneventful bus journey! Is that too much to ask for? It´s likely to take around 5 hours depending on the border crossing into Chile, that’s what the girl said when we booked. All aboard, settle down and amuse yourselves…. but I´m sure they didn´t mean that quite as literally as the couple opposite us took it to mean! Really! GET A ROOM!

The border crossing was uneventful other than the cold wait in line to be processed, oh and the confiscation of our bottle of honey 🙁

We chose “The Singing Lamb” (http://www.thesinginglamb.com/) hostel in Puerto Natales as having had two recommendations this was the only one we were able to contact about having post delivered to. Good choice though. Small (20 beds max) with a great brekkie of porridge, eggs and toast with a selection of homemade jams. MMMmmmMMMmmm!

No sooner had we arrived than we were advised to quickly go to a free talk (held daily at http://www.erraticrock.com/ ) on the trekking. This was definitely worth it, if only to meet other trekkers and find out where best to provision for our 5/8 days. It certainly cemented the plan to do just the W as there are lots of mosi´s on the Circuit! No way would Bernice entertain this option as soon as that was mentioned.

As we were about to leave the talk Josh and Elise strolled in (they´d arrived here yesterday) and we all set off round town in search of supplies before finishing the evening at the best pizza restaurant in town (best pizza outside Italy according to Susan at The Singing Lamb, and we had to agree).

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